Dove’s New Campaign is Breaking the Rules of Beauty

Dove’s New Campaign is Breaking the Rules of Beauty | Feministaa

Dove as a brand has always been a strong supporter of “Real Beauty”. This Unilever brand has been a breakthrough in the industry with the series of   campaigns over the years,  supporting the varied notions of beauty. Defying societal biases and conventional notions, Dove stands out with its innovative and unique campaigns for women.

Dove launched the ” Real Beauty” Campaign in 2004. It was highly trending and is still considered one of their best campaigns. They asked women questions like ” wrinkled or wonderful” and ” fit or fat”. The main aim of the campaign was to appreciate beauty with age and not stereotyping it with the preconceived reserved notions which are in existence.

In 2007, Dove launched a new survey entitled “Beauty comes of age”. This campaigned aimed at revealing the statistics that 91% of women aged between  50 to 64  believe that it’s time the society starts changing their perception related to ageing.

Putting forth the belief that even ageing is beautiful.

Over the years, Dove has been understanding Womenology in it’s own distinct fashion and we appreciate how they have formulated a brand image which is highly associated with women being beautiful in their unique way.

The latest campaign by Dove is the #PledgeRealBeauty Campaign which is trending currently. Focusing on Indian women, the advertisement has raised several questions as to what is considered to be the perfect mould to fit into the category of “beautiful” . The conclusion being that it’s all about breaking the rules of beauty.  Have a look at the video here:

Dove India Official Twitter


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