Ananya Birla

Have we become Mere Puppets of Modernism ?

Have we become Mere Puppets of Modernism ?

Amidst the dusty lanes

And concrete jungles

I find myself juggling with the mere aspect of life.

The roar of the buses shunting up and down

Cry of humans engulfing the surrounding

Lost with a cause to find the effect

Bricks and glasses covering all around

I struggle hard to look beyond the existing zone

Pacing the entire area back and forth

Realizing the fact that we’re trapped.

Trapped, yes, trapped

Materialism, manipulation, anger, lust entrenched deep in our roots

Losing the basic essence of humanity.

What have we become

A slave of modernism?

Given ourselves

Pretending to be who we’re not

Raised our hands up in the air

Given up on hope

Neglecting the fact that,only if I think, I am me.


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