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Homosexuality is NATURAL!

Homosexuality is NATURAL!

The homosexual way of life, contradicts common fundamental and personal beliefs. Times have changed so much that there was one time where a love marriage seemed to break all traditions and today, all of a sudden the regular marriage between a man and woman, seems ‘traditional’  for homosexuals! Overlooking all the irony, the biggest question still pertains, even in the most elite, and educated minds: “Is being attracted to the same sex ‘normal‘?”

More than 1,500 different animal species, including chimpanzees, dolphins and apes engage in homosexual and bisexual acts. The bonobo, which is the closest primate to humans: in behaviour and DNA (98.7%) indulges in sexual pleasure with the same sex very often. This behaviour was observed at a Bonobo Sanctuary in Congo; wherein the primates practised g-g rubbing! Female bonobos rubbing their clitorises together, and male ones practising penis fencing, seemed to be common activities. This homosexual behaviour was not cultural, but in-born.

Rape and Homosexuality

Homosexuality, since ages, has been considered ‘unnatural’. Many blame the western culture influence as a reason for homosexual feelings. Sadly, the real picture is very different. Homosexuality, is sexual inclination towards the same sex, and this comes to someone very naturally. Any one could feel sexually attracted to the same sex at any point of time in life.

Studies have shown that women have a higher tendency to be attracted to the same sex than men. And homosexuality is a part of the society (whether accepted or not) since ages.

What we need to understand is who we are attracted to is a very  personal choice. Nobody has the right to chose that for any individual. On the other hand, “rape” is a serious mental disorder or state of mind. The very fact that a man is forcibly having sex with a woman, is completely unnatural. Thus, rape should be a bigger cause of outrage than something that is natural.


The roots of such extreme disagreement with the concept of homosexuality, in India, lies in the well ingrained obsolete thought that sexual behaviour is only for the purpose of reproduction. Any other kind of sexual behaviour, with the intention of not having children, say for example before marriage, is considered a sin. This can’t even be shunned as an archaic concept, because sex for pleasure has been practised for years (and given a tag of sin). Of course, this trait exists in humans, as well as animals. Science has proven, that sex is observed in animals, not only as an activity to reproduce, but also to resolve conflicts, and ensure a peaceful coexistence. Humans are not very different. Naturally, sexual activities such as foreplay, oral sex, gives human beings immense pleasure and peace of mind. Because of social taboos, such things are looked down upon, although they are one of the most natural instincts that humans possess.

Since homosexuality can never result in children (or heirs) it is disgraced. If so, then other pleasures such as masturbation, and oral sex should also be considered unnatural.

Acceptance and Agitation

Most of us tend to disrespect this feeling. Contradicting to universal belief that openness in thought has a lot to do with one’s education and exposure; ironically, very educated people also refuse to accept this natural phenomena. Mr. Srinivasan, Chairman BCCI, shunned away his son, for choosing his homosexual partner over leading a family life. Srinivasan, initially tried to urge his son to leave his partner politely. His letter boasted of his parental love for ‘his only son’. Gradually, once he realised that his son was refusing to deter, he swore to remove Ashwin, from any benefits he was liable to get from his father. He crudely wrote that he wanted someone to carry on the lineage, and that could be possible only if Ashwin decided to lead a ‘normal family life‘.

It was quite an astonishment to see Srinivasan, being one of the suave class of educated elite, react in this manner. This is the same man, who has been an icon for many aspiring business tycoons of the country. He is the same man, who has fought against all odds, since childhood; Defying limitations of his physique, Srinivasan, at the age of 16, played in the semi finals at Wimbledon, the only Indian at that time to have gone ahead in the Grand Slam. Growing up to be one of the most astute businessmen of the country, he has taken India Cements to new heights; yet his drawback to accept the feelings of his only son Ashwin, shows the dire need of this country to #changethemindset.

Everyone has the right to choose his/her own partner. Sexual relationships are a private affair, yet we tend to impose our views on others; not realising that such a huge compromise for the rest of the life can be very painful in many cases such as these, where homosexuals are forced to marry the opposite sex, could lead to life long suffering; depression in the other partner, or a feeling of incomplete and emptiness throughout their lives.

Priya Vedi, a 31 year old doctor at AIIMS, committed suicide blaming her ‘gay’ husband for her adverse mental state. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened had the man not been forced to marry a woman in the first place.

India has taken it’s first step towards a change. India’s first matrimonial ad placed by a woman for her gay son, has shut many mouths. The matrimonial ad for Harish Iyer, a homosexual activist himself, sounds somewhat like this “Seeking 25-40, well placed, animal-loving, vegetarian groom for my son (36, 5’11”) who works with an NGO, caste no bar (though Iyer preferred)”.

Acceptance is the first biggest step towards this change. Homosexuality, is not a mistake or influence of someone else. When geniuses such as Alan Turner, Tim Cook, and Xavier Bettel can accept their sexual preferences, then it’s time for the common people to start referring to homosexuality as ‘normal’.


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