How Important Is That One Guy Friend ?

How Important Is That One Guy Friend ?

Love and friendship have no clear definitions. Sometimes, we take them as synonyms and experience both at the same time. Friends help you make decisions, take actions and some even give you the essential drama element which makes your life more cheerful. This friend could also become your soulmate and companion for life which is when you are able to comprehend the meaning of your feelings for him over the past years. No matter how much you enjoy the girls sleepovers and the limitless gossip sessions , there should be one guy who is there to listen to you.

He is your school chuddy buddy whom you have spent most of you school life with or, your child hood best friend or your best friend from college . He was once your crush but that turned into the  most beautiful friendship. Some girls are lucky to have that one guy friend who is their ultimate support system. He has seen your boyfriends and the heartbreaks. He was there with you throughout and never judged you. This guy might or might not be your boyfriend but an unbiased and drama less element in your life. This guy friend completes your insatiable hunger for true friendship. He is as important as your best girl friend and you realise it the most after you get married.

We are not in the era where a girl cannot be friends with her old guy friends after marriage. A healthy marital relationship should give you the freedom to do what you would do normally without hurting the family including your husband. Talking to your guy friend at 3am might seem a bit overdoing it but having a support system outside of marriage is also essential. So what he is a guy, he can give you advice and help you overcome the problems which you might not be able to discuss with your family or even your closest girl friends. In most cases, guy friends are the best support system because girls in general have a huge tendency to be judgemental and biased.

While sharing problems and issues of one’s personal lives, girls tend to get their jealousy element into play and might not be the best to trust upon. In this scenario, a guy friend who knows your pre and post marriage phase will be less likely to judge you and give you the most honest opinions. He will not be a bitchy bitch who would create rumours and ignite a controversy. There will be times when your narrow minded husband might oppose to your friendship  and that could be a tricky situation. But make him understand, you have the freedom to choose your friends and if they make you happy and feel supported in the worst of situations then why let go of them. After all, not every one is lucky enough to get that one special friend who will stand by you no matter what.


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