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Women’s Safety Status 2015!

Women’s Safety Status 2015!

’If society will not admit to women’s free development, then society must be remodelled.”- Elizabeth Blackwell

Be in any newspaper in any corner of the world, there are at least five incidents that are crimes against women!  Be it in their office or very much inside the territory of their home, be it on the streets in the broad daylight or inside the lanes leading to their kid’s schools, or maybe just a park that they occasionally visit: There will always be someone to harm, rape, loot, molest her, or throw acid over her but the bottom line is that she is ultimately harmed. She is not safe anywhere she chooses to go.

Be it the woman being raped recently in Infosysys Campus Pune or the 14 year old minor being raped by an Army Personnel in a moving train in Ranchi, be it the unfortunate acid attack that took place when a ‘known’ Santa Claus threw acid over a mother aged in her later twenties, one is forced to question themselves : are women really safe?

And the most relevant question for 2016: How can we make the world a safer place for women?

Although the security of women is a huge problem, no matter which part of the world we live in, the solution to this problem is pretty simple.

Educate your sons.

Educate men to respect women. And that means teaching them integrally that women can take their own decisions. Not to assume control over them.

Teach them that not only committing a crime against a woman is wrong, but also watching a crime being committed and not doing anything about it is a bigger crime. Sons need to be told, that when she rejects your proposal, it’s about accepting and not inciting anger within your mind against her.

Sons must be told that acts of domestic violence, even includes having sex with your spouse without her approval or consent.  That staring at a girl with friends and passing lewd comments, even if its for fun; to teach her lesson or watch her with lustful eyes when she wears something that is thought to be too small is also molestation of a kind.

If our sons, brothers are explained at home about the various ways women are discriminated; they might not do it. Surveys suggest that most men, exploit women unknowingly & unintentionally 5 out of 8 times!

The day every man knows what does the word ‘limitation’, ‘dignity’, ‘equality’, and ‘human’ mean, we will not need police to patrol every night in cities, towns and villages just to ensure if women are safe on the streets. We will not require women to cover up themselves because of the fear that they might be raped or eve teased incase they are wearing a short dress. We will not need parents to give their daughters a call every minute just to check if everything is okay. We will not need women to travel in groups to far off places just because of the fear that someone might take disadvantage of their loneliness. We will not need women to feel unsafe even in the presence of soldiers. We will not need women to look at every Santa Claus with fear. We will not ask every woman to run away the moment she finds herself in a room or a street full of men. We will not require any woman to feel insecure and unsafe.


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