How to avoid being a Fashion Disaster ?

How to avoid being a Fashion Disaster ?

Mostly, we see a bundle of pictures showing the “fashion disasters”. But, it’s high time we know how to avoid being one of them.

Here, are some tips and suggestions, which can help you avoid being in the badly dressed list.

Know your Body type : If you are in denial, please accept your body the way it is and embrace it. There is no shame in being fat; you can still look attractive and beautiful if you know how to carry yourself. No matter what your husband tells you, wear what makes you comfortable. Loose clothes can be made to look equally attractive if accessorized well. A neckpiece or a belt below your bust line can make the loose dress look nicer. There are a lot of celebrities in Bollywood who tried to experiment, while in denial of their body types. Hence, they ended up in the fashion faux pas list.

Stop following trends : Just because the latest fashion is to wear round shaped sunglasses doesn’t mean that it is the style statement for you as well. Wear the vintage glasses only if you know how to rock them. All trends are not to be followed. You need to alter, modify and choose what looks best on you. Blindly following the trends would result in you making a fool out of yourself.

Say no to Glitter and flashy : One of the biggest reasons, some people turn out to be fashion blunders is that they use too much glitter and drama in their outfits. Not that simplicity will make you the queen of hearts, but being too glittery wont either. A balance is what does the trick. Attracting attention due the flashy nature of your clothes is definitely a big no.

Reality check for your budget : Don’t try to imitate the designer dresses just to prove others that you can afford it. In that case you compromise on the material, the stitching and the overall quality of the dress. This makes others look at you like a replica doll. It is better if you just imitate a style and incorporate it in your dressing in a smart way rather than being a complete replica.

Skin show doesn’t mean sexy : Some people think that an outfit which can make their cups look two sizes bigger is definitely what they should wear. This is not true and is a complete mistake. An unnecessary cleavage show or wearing something too short just makes you look like an attention seeker. If you want to look fashionable, wear clothes which suit your personal style quotient and not which makes you look desperate.


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