On their Way to Revive the Dying Crafts Industry – Bunosilo

On their Way to Revive the Dying Crafts Industry – Bunosilo

The vision of Bunosilo is to provide good quality, well fitting, handcrafted clothes made out of hand loomed fabric to the customers worldwide. Bunosilo aims at promoting the dying craft techniques of our country and generate sustainable employment opportunities for them.

Meet the young entrepreneur 

Khushboo Bagaria is a textile design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad. She founded BUNOSILO to change the fast fashion and lifestyle industry to drive it towards becoming more conscious for positively impacting communities in need. She excels in designing and developing innovative products using handcrafted techniques at grassroots level, exploring various homegrown textile materials and techniques and a passion for ethics surrounding the needs of marginalized and exploited communities. Khushboo is thrilled to be able to combine the work she does with helping people better their lives.

The main objective behind starting Bunosilo is to create sustainable employment opportunities for the Indian artisans and to support and promote their skills.

Khushboo strongly believes in slow fashion, and considers the entire fast fashion industry to be their competitors. Bunosilo aims at changing the direction in which the clothing industry is moving. They want to provide good quality, handcrafted, long lasting clothing to the customers at competitive prices. By wanting to educate people on why the fabric actually matters, Bunosilo aims at  reviving the the dying crafts of India .The makers, i.e. the artisans are supported as they get a good market to sell to the customers, eliminating middlemen. They are able to support their livelihood and Bunosilo has helped the dying crafts industry to get revived in the process.

Khushbu says, “Both genders- men and women alike do not get recognition or correct value for what they make. Women in particular, in villages look after their houses and kids and are not able to step out of their homes to work, Working with crafts such as embroidery can be done from home. Handicrafts provides them opportunities to earn a living and become independent “.

The company strongly believes that ethics are very important for any business to survive and it aims at making and selling products, which are ethical in the true sense.

“Both the makers and the buyers should benefit, by selling and buying through our website. We ensure that the buyers receive good quality products at reasonable prices. They get what they have been promised and we promote informed consumerism as well” , says the founder

Bunosilo is based on a Made to order model. They ensure minimal wastage resulting in some or no dead stock. By sourcing fabrics directly from the weavers and collaborating with those designers, they are able to capture the artisanal groups from different parts of the country.

As per the founder, for the model to be sustainable, the team  looks back at the production process and makes the necessary changes  which prevents deskilling of the tailor. To adapt to this process without compromising on the quality is very challenging. Another big challenge is to make people understand and see what goes behind making that one piece of garment for them, to be able respect it and take care of it.

The Feministaa team thanks Khushboo for this interview. We wish her all the best for Bunosilo and her future endeavours.

Visit the Website : www.bunosilo.com


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