How to Spot a True Misogynist ?

How to Spot a True Misogynist ?

Who is a Misogynist ?

A misogynist is a person who dislikes/hates women and it’s easy to spot one. He would be seen using violence against women along with being biased and having strong patriarchal views. Misogynists exist everywhere and it’s funny that they don’t even realise that they are one of them . They think it’s normal to think and act in a certain way, but it could be something that has been imbibed in their mindsets since childhood.

Violent fathers and other dominating men in the family can result in spreading the idea of misogamy amongst the young generation.

 Here are some ways one can recognise a Misogynist

Controlling and Dominating

This is one of the most common attributes which every misogynist would possess. By trying to act masculine in a way that the woman feels worthless about herself,  gives them eternal happiness.

Less Liberties to women

From his mother to his daughter to his female friends, misogynists hesitate to let lose. They have limited liberties set for the ladies of the house. He would want them to adhere to certain rules meant only for the women in the house. Even if he makes any promises to the woman, he would purposely not fulfil them, which would give him pleasure.

A Charming Flirt

A true Misogynist is a charming flirt, so it’s hard to recognise one at the first go. It would be hard for the female to understand but slowly, he would start giving hints like what he would like or dislike for his woman to do. Don’t get confused with his charming personality. He is a subtle player.

Biased in daily life

He would be truly biased towards women at home and at work as well. In a meeting, he would first give a chance to his male colleague to ask questions and later, to his female colleague.  At home, he would be punctual only if its required by any other male member and not by any female member in the family. He would always prioritise men over women in terms of power and respect.

Overpowering daily actions

He will be dominant on the bed and will be hesitant to reveal his true self in front of the woman. He feels that being his true self would make him look weak in front of her. His everyday actions include constantly belittling the woman, humiliating her in front of his friends and even raising his voice in front of others to show off his power.

It’s unfortunate that in the rural areas, most men are misogynists. Having born and brought in an environment which supports this attitude, they will not even openly accept this trait. It’s important to be aware and cautious of such men!!


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