What has the Movie Ki and Ka Taught us about House husbands ?

What has the Movie Ki and Ka Taught us about House husbands ?

Its true that the trend of house husbands in India is slowly increasing, which indicates that the age-old thinking of the man being the head of the family is slowly taking a backseat. This step has moreover helped the Indian woman feel much more empowered. The movie Ki and Ka depicts how a house husband is a catch for an ambitious and career driven woman.

The modern day Indian woman is going up the ladder of success and she wants a husband who is not only supports her but also respects her talents while, helping her achieve her professional goals. But, Is the Indian Society acceptable of a setup where the male member sits at home and the female is the real man of the house?

In the movie, Kareena Kapoor was portrayed as the male member who is so ambitious that a mere pregnancy scare resulted in her emotional breakdown because her career was her utmost priority.

How Arjun Kapoor was portrayed in the very beginning could be demeaning for any man. He was insulted by his father for being lazy and a not so ambitious man, who cannot take care of his family. Also, it’s true that it’s hard for any woman to appreciate a man devoid of any goals . Its not an attractive quality and every woman gets attracted to a hardworking, disciplined and a career oriented man, who can provide a stable future to his family.

There are some common unsaid stereotypes which are in existence in this society, where some men want to survive on the wife’s money and are not willing to strive further. Also, even if the man is a house husband, he will not be seen as the one who can take care of the child in the same way like a mother does.

It is this inculcated in the minds of the people who constitute the society that, he who actually earns is the one who works hard. Housewives are considered to be fit only to handle the daily chores of the household and are often ignored when it comes to taking decisions related to business or finances. On a similar note, a house husband is not appreciated by the society, making him feel like an outcast.

Hence, it’s difficult for both the genders to appreciate the concept of ‘staying at home’, no matter how empowering it might be for the other person in the relationship.

Just like Arjun Kapoor tried to make an extra buck by acting as a fitness expert for the ladies in his building, It is true that even the house husband is capable of earning just like housewives can work from home and earn at the same time. There are increasing employment opportunities with the increasing number of people opting for work from home options. They want a flexible routine rather than a typical 9 to 5 job. The woman in this case needs to be a little supportive and appreciate his hard work just like he does. There is nothing to be shameful about having a house husband. This gender role switch should be the next new trending role play in the near future.

Today , women are getting more substantial opportunities to prove themselves and they want to create a strong identity for themselves. She is not dependant on the husband’s money anymore and she tries to find her own happy space in her choice of career. At the same time, it helps the woman learn more about the outside society and be in the shoes of the man of the house.

The society is the mastermind behind creating stereotypes and it’s hard to refrain from not following them. There are men who would want to be at home and take care of their children rather than venturing out and being at their work desk for 10 hours. This is a lifestyle choice not accepted by many but this involves a lot of sacrifice as well which is often overlooked.

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