I Don’t Need a Valentine to Celebrate Love

I Don’t Need a Valentine to Celebrate Love

The heart shaped pillow and the teddy bear carrying a heart doesn’t bother me anymore. The want which once existed of having a cute boy wanting to take me out for a dinner date to a fancy restaurant on Valentines day seems more like a teenage dream now.  I don’t want a heart shaped cake sprinkled with gems and the heart shaped balloons on my doorstop . But,  who doesn’t love cheesy things? But more than an expression of love, this day is like a burden full of big expectations which needs to be taken care of in order to sustain a relationship.

The boy needs to have his agenda ready,  starting with the elaborate  gifts and the fancy dinner along with an itinerary for the whole day so as to make her happy. I would agree that all this sounds really cute and much needed once in a while. But what about her, who doesn’t have that companion to shower the bouquets and the gifts on her ? Should she roll up like a ball and sob in the corner crying about her solo status ? Absolutely Not

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrating the phenomenon of love. What the world has designed around this day is a bag full of commercials so as to make money of the people who are in love. The fine dining restaurants design a special menu for Valentine’s day and the flower dealers escalate the prices of their flowers by at least three times.

Aren’t they just taking advantage of this day to make some extra cash? Why do we fall prey to this ?

Being in love is one of the most purest and beautiful things, then why let the society make it a money making racket ? Why do we all fall prey to this drama and make a big deal out of it, letting our expectations take a toll on our thoughts. If we get less than expected, we become sad and start questioning the validity and existence of the relationship.

Really ? Is this even necessary ? There is a reason we call ourselves mature. 

So, if you are single on Valentines day, don’t worry. You have the love of your friends and family. As cliché as it might sound, the truth is that you are lucky to have their love. Love is not just always about having the perfect boyfriend who buys you the perfect gifts. It also about the perfect family which supports you with your endeavours and believes in your dreams. It’s also about having  your precious gems called friends, who stand by you whenever you need them the most.

And yes, if you still think you should be celebrating something this Valentine’s day, celebrate the spirit of freedom and empowerment. You have a support system of people who love you, which is what a great companion is supposed to do. Don’t crib about the cheesy hearts and the flashy dinners, plan something special with the people you love and you will realise that’s what you need the most. Most importantly,  the best kind of love is to love yourself. So, If you are still unaware of how it feels to be your favourite companion, try it out this Valentine’s Day.


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