Make Education Your Biggest Weapon

Make Education Your Biggest Weapon

Today, girls especially those belonging to the rural background, are forced to get married against their will at a very tender age. What their families don’t understand is that they are not only killing their dreams, but are also giving out a wrong message to the society on the whole. A message echoing all that a woman should do is to get married and produce babies. But, they too have the right to educate themselves and achieve their dreams which has nothing to do with gender.

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

What’s the need to educate yourself further if your husband can take care of you and your family ?

This is one question which an orthodox mind would pose to her to-be daughter in law.  When a woman doesn’t have a source of income, she loses her identity and freedom. She might be happy initially with her husband but later when the expenses add up, she will eventually realise and regret. If she is independent, she won’t need to beg for every single penny which will save her from being ridiculed and insulted.

Your family might get you married to a millionaire however, your husband’s income should not stop you from pursuing further education. In case of a major quarrel with your in-laws or if your husband isn’t willing to finance your daily expenses, at least you will be secured from a financial point of view.

Part of your Heritage in this society is to be financially independent – Jim Rohn

Also, women have the undeniable responsibility to take care of their parents and in-laws. Always asking the husband for money to buy some medicines or clothes for the ageing  parents doesn’t seem respectful or dignified. Instead, if she is educated, she can always look for an appropriate job and earn a life full of dignity and respect .

Every girl has dreams of her own, from becoming a doctor to travelling to her dream destinations. She cannot let go off her dreams just because her family thinks it’s appropriate to get her married instead. She should fight for her rights as long as her insatiable hunger for success has not received a good kick start. Also, it’s not even practical to solely depend on the parent’s finances for a lifetime.

Dependence will just make you weak and you don’t want to be weak right ?

Just because you are a woman, don’t fall into the trap of marriage and give up on a successful professional career. Your parents might be successful in finding the most suitable match for you, but sacrificing your educated background is not a smart choice. You should follow your aspirations and study even if you have to fight for it. Don’t let an orthodox mind teach you how to live your life. Your desire to achieve will be respected when time comes.

You will realise that a weapon as strong as education can help you come out from the worst of situations. Having an identity and stature is a privilege which you should not let go of. If you are willing and determined, the world will open its arms for you.

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