Top picks of businesses started by men for women

Top picks of businesses started by men for women

Lately, we have witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of female entrepreneurs who are motivated enough to contribute to the growing world of start-ups. But over the years, the ever expanding pink-collar industry has witnessed an emergence of male entrepreneurs who innovated products that have made a substantial transformation in the life of a regular woman.

Below are some of the well-known establishments started by men that have altered the lives of women.

Roposo emerged as India’s  first fashion-based social network. It was founded by three men, all IIT-D alumni, Mayank Bhangadia, Avinash Saxena (ex CTO of and Kaushal Shubhank.

Co-Founder Avinash Saxena shared his idea behind

“Today, there is no single place for a woman to find what’s available, what’s trending, what her friends are shopping, and what will best suit her taste. Roposo is all of that, and more. We help fashion-lovers discover the fashionista in them, give them freedom to play with products any way they like, and share their love of all things fashionable with their friends.”

With thousands of members, this platform is gaining popularity by the day. As more and more women are becoming fashion conscious, this platform helps you to know what suits you best. Actors like Sonakshi Sinha and Jacqueline Fernandes are active users and more and more celebrities are becoming a part of this fashion social network.

Victoria’s Secret:

Yes ladies! It doesn’t have the word ‘secret’ in its name for no reason. Started by Roy Raymond, this brand has altered the world of lingerie. Initially, it was started by Roy Raymond back in 1977 to help men buy lingerie without any shame  in a comfortable environment. But today, this brand is one of the most desired lingerie brands. From sensuous thongs to sexy laces to night gowns, VS has nothing to hide.

M A C cosmetics:

M·A·C was established by a makeup artist and photographer, Frank Toskan who was also a beauty salon owner. He was always frustrated with his colour palette as it posed more of a hindrance in experimenting with his creative abilities.

Its growing popularity was only a matter of time. M A C is known for ‘playing with colours’. It provides women with a plethora of options through its wide range of products. For decades, MAC cosmetics have been most used by the best make up artists of the world. Having made women feel beautiful and confident, it has revolutionized the make-up industry.

Low-cost sanitary pads:

None of us are unacquainted with the miserable condition of hygiene in our country. For women, it still continues to be a long road until they have appropriate access to good menstrual hygiene.

Where poor and underprivileged women could not afford sanitary napkins, Arunachalam Muruganantham emerged as their knight in shining armour. 

Having seen his wife use unhygienic products for years, he was motivated enough to provide deprived women with low-cost sanitary napkins which were healthy as well as hygienic. The machine which manufactures these napkins is now being used in African countries  and in several other parts of the world.

Mr Muruganantham paid heed to this grave yet unnoticed issue related to menstrual hygiene.

Although these men faced a backlash for investing their time and effort in a product which was not the best choice to create a practical revenue model, they nevertheless stood firm with their goals.

Feministaa salutes these men who chose to make a substantial contribution towards making women feel confident and empowered.


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