Meet The Three Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Way of Building Women Communities in India

“We’re outspoken, we have done this, so we thought let’s do it together! And I think that was the need and that’s where it started.”

When we started discussing we saw that it all comes down to gender and we all, in a way, were rebelling against so many things and we didn’t even realize it. So, from there we said, let’s create this platform where we are just talking about how women are rebelling and it’s great to rebel and it’s absolutely amazing and the right thing to do that you have a voice and you’re speaking up!”

However this is just the start, As Rashi says, “ROAR is just beginning with Bombay, we are taking this further to other cities as well. We have Delhi, Bangalore, all of these cities on our cards coming forward but we wanted to start from Bombay specifically because we wanted to reach the right audience before we moved on.”

Seconding her Mannat says, “For me, ROAR is a feeling of belonging to a community, a place, it could have any gender involved in that but it’s just a feeling of belonging, that’s it.”

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