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Real Education is Beyond Degrees | Nimisha Verma

“I am a very unconventional person when it comes to living my life or education.”

Describing herself as a social entrepreneur, Nimisha Verma, is an ardent advocate of unconventional education. She herself doesn’t have a degree or diploma, and doesn’t support certificates or examinations. For her real education is home-schooling and growth-schooling to traveling around, building communities and even crafting sustainable things. The idea is regeneration, to give the next generation values and discourage them to be wholly materialistic. She says that for the coming generation, money won’t be a difficult deal to earn, but they need to be given a safe tribe.

“All the women I am working with, we basically provide each other the space.”

She started an organization called, The Home for Artists, to support aspiring artists.

Her own journey has been the motivation for the same, she expresses. She left home at a very young age because she wanted to be an artist. She started traveling all across the country.

“Community building is something that I promote everywhere I go.”

She hosts sharing circles throughout the country she conducted 100s of workshops.

“This is all focused on the freedom of identity, innovation and emotional expression.”

She says how universities invite her as a guest lecturer and she gets to interact with the students. She talks about how mental health is above the hashtags that people attribute to nowadays. She mentions her inclination towards spiritual healing. She is a healer and a story-teller herself. She highlights the importance of storytelling in healing. She has been traveling to different cities talking to people about this.

“Right now it is all about emotional intelligence I am trying to put it out there in the education system.”

Her life’s priority is all about it. She tells the students how she is not really a successful person, just so as to break the set idea of success in their minds.

“If you can’t really embrace the feelings that you are facing, it is useless to be a successful person.”

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