When Maturity Hit me Hard !!

When Maturity Hit me Hard !!

As I mature
I watch the sky
Turning to shades of blue
Contemplate about dwelling emotions
Watch the birds fly away
As they showcase their freedom
With wings attached
Flying high in the sky

As I mature
I realize that people change
Not only in terms of their appearance
But in their thoughts and actions
People who are good to you
Have benefits attached with your friendship
They may use you for you their own good
Maybe, this maturity made me realize
This is how the world works.

As I mature
I realize my mother’s harsh tone
Was meant to be understood
And I wasn’t supposed to objectify her as my enemy
My father’s suggestions were a part of his experience
It never meant to demoralize me.

The initial stage of maturity
Were associated with painstaking factors
Whom shall I believe? Whom shall I trust upon? What shall be done?
I saw people falling
Just like someone picks a sunflower

As I mature
I learned the art of appreciating stillness
When people were gone!

As I mature
I learned that life never comes easy
It’s about how you make it.


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