Some Superheroes do not need a Cape !!

Some Superheroes do not need a Cape !!

What better way to celebrate women all over the world than to celebrate the person who it all started with?

Gone are the days when women shielded behind a few mumbled words, stowed away their talents to work behind the chulla, and hid their views behind the veils of patriarchy. Welcome to the 21st century, where women are making an indelible mark on the world even as we speak.

As Dipa Karmakar becomes the first Indian gymnast to qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, or Kalki Koechlin awes the world with her strong views on topics even the most eloquent of speakers shy away from;

As Zoya Akhtar, the Indian female director and screenwriter becomes the most coveted director to work with, and writers like Juhi Chaturvedi make us pause, think and bring us to tears with brilliant movies like Piku, it’s clear that the era of women is here, and it’s here to stay, as we make strides into spheres’ previously unchartered.

And its time. Time we paid ode to the wonder woman behind the scene. Mum.

The woman who nurtures us right from the cradle, equal parts cosseting, equal parts strict. The support system to each one of us, right from when we take our first tottering step to shaping our thoughts and beliefs, over the years. Growing up, separating the wheat from the chaff as she soothes the dents of times, events and people with her loving hands, and celebrates our accolades with unmatched happiness.

She’s the voice of reason in our fragile world, the one woman we look up to with awe at what she has achieved, with what she had. The woman we consciously or unconsciously try to emulate, whose look of pride we live for, who makes uncountable sacrifices for one smile of her children.

Its not enough that we sheepishly present ourselves with a flower or even that huge card bought hurriedly form Archies on Mother’s day, I admit. So how about immortalising what she means to each one of us, through words. Here you go.

Happy Mother’s day, mum.

Cheers to the little bit of magic that we’d always need! Because,

some superheroes don’t need a cape

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