The Fearful Truth Behind Breast Implants

The Fearful Truth Behind Breast Implants

“My Breast Implants Slowly Poisoned Me,” these are the words of a Model turned DJ Crystal Hefner. She recently narrated her ordeal of pain on Facebook and Instagram, where she explained how harmful are breast implants indeed and how slowly and steadily they toxicated her body.

“I had a bunch of spare photos that have enabled me to stay active on social media for the last six months. I’ve tried to keep a facade of normalcy while working to figure out what was going on with my body,” Crystal wrote, explaining her ordeal.

Crystal’s damaging experience tells us the naked truth about breast implants, and how most of the women are willing to go for it as having the perfect breasts is also considered as an ‘asset’ these days. So the question is what is actually a Breast Implant and how harmful is it?

Breast Implants are the medical devices that are inserted under the breast tissue, surgically to increase the size of the breasts. Most common and preferred implants are the Silicone Implants where a viscous silicone gel is filled inside the tissues. It is although very common for silicone implants to break down at some level.

Unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, low immunity, thyroid and adrenaline pain are some of the few negative effects that a woman with breast implants goes through while the most harmful of them all is memory loss or brain damage which most of the surgeons won’t inform before hand.

The National Institute of Health said, “Breast Implants are not lifetime devices. The longer you have breast implants, the more likely it is that complications will occur and you will need to have them removed”

Crystal’s case is not the only one that has suffered hugely because of her breast implants, there have been many women who have lived through damaged bodies and many who have got their implants removed because of immense health issues. In Bollywood itself, there have been many actresses who have accessed the option of breast implants.

Sushmita Sen was the very first one to introduce breast implants by having her breasts enhanced. Actresses like Ayesha Takia and Rakhi Sawant had their implants removed after facing health problems. Though many still not accept having their breasts enhanced, it is often considered that most of the actresses underwent surgeries to become desirable among the industry.

Especially focusing on the fashion world mostly, it is seen how having a perfect figure is so necessary that models sometimes even starve themselves, go under the knife, or get breast implants to look perfect. But what and who really can define what is perfect for anyone. The basic definitions of perfect for a girl according to the society comes down to factors like having a fair and clean skin, a toned body, and most of the girls tend to fall for the trap and let their bodies suffer in order to meet up the standards of ‘perfect’ set by the society.

Has meeting the terms of perfection become so important that one is even ready to let their bodies suffer? Who is the society to decide the parameters of beauty, as beauty truly is not just restricted to what one looks like. Beauty is not just to please the eyes.

One needs to realise that the inner self is equally important in deciding the parameters of beauty. Every person, a girl or a boy is uniquely beautiful and one should accept and appreciate this fact.

Yes, technology has made almost everything possible, you can look the way you want to, you can have a body you wish for, but nature has given us something more precious than what technology ever can and that must be cherished and appreciated equally.

If one wants to lose or gain weight, choose exercise over surgeries, it might take time and a lot of hard work but the repercussions will be much better. One should  choose ease of technology over health. No matter what shape you are in, or how fair or dark you are, if you love yourself, nobody would ever be able to show you down.

Crystal surely realised this fact and after having her implants refused, she is now working as an Implant Illness Activist, promoting awareness amongst a lot of women by sharing her personal experiences.

Feministaa salutes Crystal’s courage and wishes her the best of health and lot’s of courage.

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