This is How You Quarantine Desi Family-Style

This is How You Quarantine Desi Family-Style

To all the desi souls who are quarantining with their families, this is for you! Born and brought up in a very desi household, I get what you all must be going through.

Let me explain what a desi household is really like!

Imagine Bigg Boss, the entire “what is this behaviour, Pooja” shebang. Now incorporate it with a Rajshree production movie, full Hum Saath Saath Hain, elaborate khandaan, who eats together and stays together.

However, everything changes when you grow up because people get busy with their nine to fives, “family” becomes a muted group on WhatsApp. But now that the pandemic of coronavirus has hit the world, we have all been restricted to the walls of our homes. Follow these simple suggestions and reconnect with your fam-jam!

Be mindful

The world might have come to a halt, but the work has not. Work from home has become the new workplace for every individual. So if you and your family are working from home, or even if they aren’t, then try to be mindful of each other. Give each other ample space to breathe, respect boundaries and witness your familial bond blossom. Make compassion, empathy and mindfulness pillars of your modern family.

Family picnic!

Since everyday has become a stay-at-home Sunday then why not add an element of fun to it. Plan an in-house family picnic. Grab a thick blanket, get your basket ready with sandwiches, crisps, fruits or the desi favourite aloo paratha, make some fresh lemonade and head over to your terrace. A simple change of venue can make a boring lunch so much fun!

Board games

How long has it been since you played Ludo, UNO and Monopoly with your family. Get those board games out, give your old carrom board a little action and watch your entire family rush to win that rani. Board games are not restricted to any age and they are still as fun as they used to be!

Picture albums

How fun is it to reminisce about those good-ole days? Go through your parents’ wedding album, your childhood picture books, the family vacations and laugh at all those silly pictures together. Cherish every moment and make it a celebration.

Sanskari netflix and chill

Before your mind goes into the gutter, let me pull the breaks. This netflix and chill is true to the literal form of the phrase. No funny business! Watch a movie that you and your family love, binge fun TV series, or the 90s Bollywood blast, make some buttery popcorn and enjoy with your fam. 

Dance party!

Make your living room the dance floor that you conquer in every Indian wedding, put your dancing shoes on and blare your favourite tunes. Dress up if you like, if a little make up and dapper clothes will uplift your mood then so be it. Dance till your feet hurt and have fun!

Just because you are stuck indoors that does not mean you can’t have fun. Make this quarantine with your family a quality time that you always wanted to spend. Stay home, stay safe and make the most out of this time.


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