Date Night Ideas for Lovesick People in Quarantine

Date Night Ideas for Couples | Quarantine Date Ideas

If you are tired of the self-isolation and you just want to meet your boo, then we might have some remedies for your lovesick hearts. An ideal date night is just the right fix for this serious condition. How to have a date night in quarantine, you ask? Here’s all that you need to know.

Make digital dating your bitch

Let’s be honest, the dreams of you bumping into the love of your life in a coffee shop or a bookstore can never come true in quarantine, so how do a hopeless romantic get a date? Simple, by welcoming the world of digital dating in your life.

This world is very peculiar, everything is so so easy. You can meet your potential date just by a simple swipe. Brush up on your cheesy pick up lines, wear your heart on the sleeve and flirt away! Don’t forget, “tasteful” flattery and banter will get you everywhere in the world of digital dating.

Stargaze with your bae

The global pandemic has killed your outdoor plans but that doesn’t mean you can’t do fun activities together in self-isolation. All you need for this date is a spectacular cup of coffee, make it a little dalgona if you like, your charming smile and an app to video chat.

Go to your terrace or balcony at night, turn on the video chat and look at your beloved’s face whilst enjoying the sky full of stars together, courtesy of the pollution-free atmosphere. 

Dinner date: Baghban style

Do you remember that eye-welling, karvachauth scene from Baghban between Amitabh Bachhan and Hema Malini. The one where they act to eat to break the fast. Before you start choking back sobs, let me clarify this a bit more.

Have a Skype dinner date with your partner. Decide a menu, cook the exact same things, dress up for yourself and each other and then sit in front of your video chat and have a virtual date night. I know it is not enough to satiate your heart, but something is better than nothing, right?

Take the old school email route 

Did you ever send your beloved sneaky letters and love notes? The digital world eased our life but in that process we also never got to experience the thrill of sending and receiving letters. But now that the world is in lockdown and exchanging letters is still not possible, however you can always take the email route.

Add the old school spice of sending your beloved a heartfelt email and see the magic transpire. WhatsApp texts are fun & games, but do you know how much of a turn on is a nicely worded email that tugs at your heart?

Share your favourite quotes and books 

Fun fact: do you know Noah Centineo’s first date was near a hotel pool sharing a book with his date? He and his date sat near each other, read the book and shared what they liked about it. If your heart is not melting yet then what sort of a monster are you?

Be the charming Noah and get your girl’s heart. Get on a video chat, talk about the book you both are reading, share your favourite quotes and discover a whole new side of each other. 

Self-isolation can be tough on your mental health and love life. Take this quarantine period to experiment with things you might not have done before. Get the full date night experience, digital style and have fun!


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