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‘Treya’ – A Project to Empower the Powerless Held by Enactus Deshbandhu College

‘Treya’ – A Project to Empower the Powerless Held by Enactus Deshbandhu College

‘Treya’ was a project undertaken by Enactus Deshbandhu College, Delhi University in collaboration with STOP Trafficking and Oppression of Children and Women where bakery training sessions were held for individuals from under-resourced communities who are at risk of being exploited at Gurjanwala Town, New Delhi. The well-known pastry chef in Delhi, Mrs. Manju Monga taught students in four sessions conducted on the 14th, 16th, 18th and on the 20th of January.

She taught bakery items like Muffins, cheesecakes, brownies etc.The students seemed to enjoy these bakery sessions. A few of them said they could actually see themselves baking in the future! When asked what was their favourite cake out of all the ones they’ve learnt, all of them jovially replied, “Brownie is our favourite but the easiest one was muffins”. The excited students prepared what they learnt and made their teacher taste it in the next class.

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization, initially started in USA, dedicated to inspiring students to make a sustainable world through entrepreneurial drives. They believe in investing in university students and build them into a catalyst of change – so it not only transforms the lives of deprived sections but also make values-driven leaders. Now it spreads its wings to many countries. The team in India consists of more than 4300 volunteers spanning over 150 universities.

STOP Trafficking and Oppression of Children and Women is a movement under the aegis of Ramola Bhar Charitable Trust born out of a marathon struggle in 1997. In 1990, a group of academicians, professionals and grass root level activists came together to create the RBC trust for building a habitable society and ensuring justice and equality for women and children. STOP’s has rescued around 3000 Women in Anti-Trafficking raids. Their mission is to promote the establishment of an egalitarian society through political, social and economic empowerment of victims of trafficking and violence.

The young and enthusiastic Enactus team from Deshbandhu college were equally participating in the event. “We wish to stop incidents like human trafficking, rapes, acid attacks etc in India and globally.”, said Daksh, President of the college team. When asked about what message they would want to give people who outcast victims of abuse, another member, Muskan said, “We won’t say it, we’ll show it.” Daksh added, “The government is not taking an initiative and won’t even let us. It’s a demerit that we could only get in touch with the victims who’ve already been rescued and trained, but we cannot reach out to the victims who’re being pressed under such events presently.”

“Baking because it’s a science in itself”, says Monga. She has been inspired by her husband, and still is. She says it gives her immense joy in teaching something she really loves. She says, “Baking is a thing which cannot be learned at once, bakery needs perfection, and perfection can’t be achieved at once.” According to her daughter she’s not only a good pastry chef but also a really good cook. When approached by the organisers of this workshop, she happily agreed to contribute her bit to the cause.

Enactus believes in power to empower and that’s what this young brigade of talented and visionary students are following.

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