Why is your bag, the ‘bagwati ” ?

One cannot argue to deny that one of the most important accessories for a woman would be the bag she carries . Any outfit would look incomplete and bland without the addition of a suave, sophisticated bag in the hands of a woman. It is not news that some women are quite selective about the bag they carry. They feel their bag is a high grader component of a ranking which defines their social perception.

The choice of bag is a big factor to define a woman’s general style convention. The color, finish and the quality marks her status symbol and defines her purchasing power as well.

But, why is carrying a bag an obsession among women ?

This is a style statement which has started to define ones personality now. Isn’t this a shallow medium of judging an individual? But unfortunately, this is true. This is the reason that women resort to carrying fake imitations of big brands so as to “fit in” or they will be judged for not keeping the standards intact. One could fear to be out casted or a misfit if she is not able to cope up with the latest trends in bags.

Here are some reasons why your bag is “the bagwati” :

The bag makes a solid part of your outfit. It’s as important as wearing your shoes.

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Carrying a fake bag will automatically make you a joke in the circle. Be real and be yourself.

There is a different bag for every occasion. You can’t take one bag anywhere and everywhere.

A shocking color scheme of a bag could be detrimental to your social image.

A dirty bag is similar to a dirty outfit. Don’t carry if its not clean

The inside story of a bag matters as much. Make your bag useful by carrying the essentials only.


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