Why Women Do Not Need Catharsis ?

Why Women Do Not Need Catharsis ?

It’s often said that,” One should expound his anger instead of venting it, and one will find solutions instead of arguments.”

Catharsis is the venting out of anger by a person so as to get rid of any emotional agony. This means that by acting in an aggressive manner, one can be relieved of anger. Today, Young women are very commonly seen yelling and screaming even the slightest of imperfections. They choose to vent out their anger and rage in order to feel satisfied and calm bout themselves, but they often forget that this behaviour will ultimately make them feel worse.

Some of the women today are working and are independent, as a result, they have to go through a lot of hardships while juggling between home and work. If they don not get sufficient support from their family, it makes them feel more agitated and helpless. For the remaining women who are not working, they usually get caught in the vicious circle of questions about marriage, career and personal life. When such situations get stretched beyond what their patience level can tolerate, they choose to let it out by way of anger rather than trying to work out the problems.

What needs to be understood is the fact that this is just a temporary solution to their set of problems but this won’t clear the air for dejection.

What makes women different from men is the fact that women are much more resilient and vehement. Women have to learn to believe in themselves rather than airing out their frustration out to the world, they should rather introspect and find new ways to curb their problems. This definitely does not mean that they can’t express their emotions, in fact, they must express what they feel, but it is incorrect to say that by letting out the exasperation, one can find eternal happiness.

It might make one feel relaxed at that particular moment but it is not the ultimate solution for all the problems. Heading to the gym and assaulting a punching bag and screaming into your pillow might make you feel better, but it actually multiplies the misery and results in fogging their mind with unnecessary negativities . The more effective approach is to just stop.

Women do not need catharsis because they are self sufficient to find solutions to their problems by developing a “positive approach”and finding the right support system to guide them through. Emotions are a temporary state of mind and one should not allow them to take over the mind. This does not mean that one should not deal with anger at all, it only suggests that one can delay the response, relax and distract oneself with an activity which can act as a breather to lessen the aggression.

Catharsis is an emotional hamster wheel because the emotion which leads a person to catharsis still continues to exist. It has the same effect as fuel has on fire. Women have always been considered to be the more patient and sensible and these qualities must be best utilised to win over all the negative emotions and manage anger as efficiently as possible. Anger management is an extremely important aspect to live a healthy and peaceful life. It’s only a woman who can gather all the positive energy and infuse it into the surroundings.

As it is said,” You can break down a woman temporarily but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, and come back even stronger than ever!”


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