5 Reasons Why Meetings On A Monday Morning Is A Bad Idea

Why Mondays Are The Worst | Are Monday Morning Meetings Effective

Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker, once commented on the concept of “Monday Blues” that it is the set of negative emotions that many people get during a work week if they’re not happy at work. Mondays, for some, definitely are a set  of tiredness, hopelessness, and a feeling that the work needs to be done but Why!

It’s not necessary, though, that Monday’s turn out as a dreadful beginning to the week, for everyone. If  you feel good at working then, it can just be another reason to get back on doing something you like, but again, if one feels unappreciated or unsatisfied at work then it can be just another reason to hate Mondays.

Focusing on the work perspective, Mondays are not a very good idea to set up a meeting, especially Monday mornings. It is a notion that mornings are the best time to set up a meeting as employees generally feel fresh and relaxed but in reality, it is exactly the opposite for some. Especially if it’s the day after an off from work, employees might feel less energetic, less relaxed and less willing to work. In this case, organising a meeting can definitely turn out to be a waste of time, effort and money.

Here, we bring you five reasons to actually not consider Monday morning to be a perfect time for a meeting at work:

1. “The Weekend Bliss”

For every employee, a weekend is not less than a blessing. An entire week of hard work, patience, stress, the weekend lets one to  relax the mind and body and feel better again. Some might just stay home and relax for the entire weekend but often people plan a little trip for the weekend. In such cases, people often seem to be in the mood of going out even on a Monday and this acts as a distraction to productivity. Mondays are definitely a tool to get used to the work again and get off from that “weekend mode” and hence, immediately getting one back to work through a meeting is not quite a good idea.

2. “Tuesdays are the most productive days”

In a survey done by a UK based scheduling firm Youcanbookme, it says that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. The reason mostly being that Tuesday is the second day of the week, and most of the employees are out of the weekend zone and back to work with the same enthusiasm as earlier. The last days of the week too can turn out to be monotonous. Also, generally Mondays provide enough information and thoughts to be worked upon and hence, a meeting on Tuesday can be very well used to discuss the new ideas and work upon them in coming days of the week, hence, ensuring productivity.

3. “People Procrastinate Over The Weekend”

People often consider finishing a pending project over the weekend but then something ultimately comes up, and one gets busy and then reschedule it for later. That builds up the procrastination and ultimately the work is left unfinished . In this case, if the boss asks the employee to show up that work or a project in the meeting, scheduled just the day after an off, it generally obstructs the flow of productivity and acts terribly for the office as well as the employee. Hence, it is important to provide an extra day to the employee to work on something important and then display it later in an absolutely perfect manner.

4. “Not the day to unveil a new programme or an initiative”

If a new project is to be launched, it requires the maximum attention of the entire staff to ensure healthy working and ultimate productivity, and hence, a Monday morning will not be a very good time to unveil any. Employees stuck in the “weekend mode” will definitely not be able to pay as much attention as they should, lack of interest and knowledge will ultimately hinder the prime objective of the project, in future.

5. “Monday is a good thing to list the things to work upon in the coming days”

It is a tough time to come out of the Monday blues or the weekend bliss per se and hence the most motivational factor, in this case, would be to list the interesting things and then work upon them. This will also encourage healthy discussions in the meetings scheduled in future, ensuring beneficial work. This will put the work mode in the positive mode, hence saying goodbye to the Monday blues.

It is also important to notice that mornings can often be lethargic and not fresh because of the increasing hectic schedule of most of the people and therefore, it becomes necessary to set up the meetings in the noon as an employee, by that time can have a lot of things to discuss.

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