5 Women Who Beat Their Physical Challenges to Success

Women Who Beat Their Physical Challenges to Success

When the heart is filled with courage and the mind reflects will as strong as a rock, then physical challenges seem trifling. As it happened in the case of these five women, who defied their physicality to triumph over their life and career. Today, theirs is a tale to be told to inspire millions!

Arunima Sinha

Padmashri awardee, Arunima Sinha had a shining career in volleyball until her leg was amputated in 2011 owing to a tragedy. Two years later, she became the world’s first female amputee to climb Mount Everest! Today, she runs a sports academy for the disabled,  the brand ambassador of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan and has also authored a book named, “Born Again on the Mountain’. She inspires many through her words,

I lost my leg but didn’t lose my heart. My courage, determination and dedication played important role in achieving my goal

Laxmi Agarwal

Laxmi is a survivor of an acid attack which disfigured her face and body when she was merely 15 years old. Post this attack, she dedicated her life to fight for the rights of acid attack victims, for which she was honoured with International Woman of Courage award by Michelle Obama. Lakshmi doesn’t use her surname anymore and doesn’t want her daughter, Pihu, to either.

 I want her to be whoever she wants to be

Dr. Manabi Bandopadhyay

Being a transgender didn’t deter this lady of determination to pursue a PhD degree and become India’s first transgender college principal. Her journey, which she terms tragic and humiliating, could have made a weaker person had it not been for her firm belief

Embrace your true self

Beno Zephine

Beno Zephine, aged 25 years, is the first 100% visually challenged IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer in India. The wait to get a posting after clearing her civil exams was long, but she kept the flames of hope burning. She is surely an inspiration to many even though she is modest about her achievement.

I have no role models but I believe in my individuality

Lisa Ray

An accomplished Indo-Canadian actress, Lisa was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a type of cancer) at the height of her career. This was a life changing event, but she never gave up and survived cancer. Now she spends her time in cancer awareness campaigns and is not afraid to don multiple hats in her next phase of career.

At times I feel I’ve packed several lifetimes of experiences into this current life, and perhaps I should take it easy now. But then there’s always something fresh to explore


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