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5 vows that every Indian guy should make to his To-be-wife

Indian Wedding Vow for Indian Guy Should Make to His To-be-Wife

In India, marriage is considered to be a big affair. It is considered as one of the most important part of one’s life. But, these days a rising trend of failed relationships and marriages. There are various reasons for that. Here are some of them.

Shaadi ek pavitra bandhan hai

This is a famous one liner for Indian marriages.

Well, the irony of the situation is that even if two people are involved a relationship, only the female is expected to maintain the sacredness of the institution of marriage.  In India, It is usually heard that marriage is not just a bond between two individuals but it is bond between families of the individuals as well. According to the traditions in India, a girl after her marriage, is no more a part of her own family because now she belongs to the family of the groom. So, it must be the responsibility of the husband to make her feel like home.

It is a possibility that she might not be able to adjust in a new family but isn’t that normal and obvious? Keep yourself in her place and you’ll get the answer.

After marriage, a woman is considered to be a property of the house of the groom and she is bound by numerous obligations. She loses her own identity. Many families in India don’t allow a married woman to work and make a career. She is expected to just be a homemaker, bear kids and look after the family!.  Many times, her fidelity is also questioned. Then few relationships perish because of the incompatibility between the partners, where, more often the male partner always keeps higher expectations and wants them to be fulfilled as per him.

So, guys, before you prepare to tie the knot,  just see if you can promise her a few essential things which she truly deserves.

Here, are 5 vows that every Indian guy should make to his To-be-wife:

I vow to treat you as my equal and to share very responsibility with you . Every decision that I take, it will not be of my own but your say will be equally important in that. I will take the equal charge of the responsibilities of home and children. I promise that we’ll always fight together in every problem. And is and when there is a problem between us,   we’ll conquer it together and ‘WE’ will win!

I vow to respect your individuality: I won’t ever hinder your individuality: You will always have the freedom of choice even after the marriage. I promise that I’ll always support and nurture your goals and ambitions. I will always encourage you to pursuit any career or profession you wish to take up. I promise to respect and love you not just for the sake of social obligation but because of the  person you are and not for the person I wish you to be.

I vow to consider your family as my own: Your family will always be my family too. I will always treat my in-laws same as my own family members. I’ll always feel myself blessed to be their son-in-law and will always be grateful for them for finding me worthy of you.

I vow to promise you a lifetime of blissful togetherness, happiness, love, care and loyalty: I’ll always hold on to you. I promise to be loyal to you. I will always be a one-woman-man and that will always be you and only you. Your desires and happiness will always be my first priority.

Lastly, I vow to be your partner in crime, your secret keeper, your saviour and the best father your child can ever get. If there is any time you feel that I am not able to keep up to my promises, please interrupt me and tell me, for you are my favourite companion and you hold all the rights to stop me when things go wrong.

I love thee with the smiles and tears, of all my life and, if God allows, I shall but love thee more after death.