Ladies!! Here is Your Agenda for this Winter Season

Ladies!! Here is Your Agenda for this Winter Season

Ladies while you may be busy sipping that hot coffee or engrossed in meeting a deadline, it’s the right occasion when you brought about some changes in your lifestyle. Let the new year bring with itself a newly transformed you. Your new year resolutions generally go for a toss, but this year make this agenda your motto and notice the change in your lifestyle, your health and your attitude.

So here are 5 things you should be get going with: 


Working for those countless hours may have made you ignorant towards your health. A full-body check-up must involve examination most importantly of your cholesterol levels, diabetes, eyes and your breasts. With age, women become increasingly susceptible to possibilities of breast cancer. Ask your doctor about any sort of physical weaknesses  you may have felt overtime.

It’s about time you give your body the respect and care it deserves.


As much as we love the snow, boots and scarves, winter is not the most convenient weather, when is comes to our skin. Dryness is like a long lost friend who comes back to you eventually. Taking care of your skin is as important as taking care of your health. Buying a moisturiser is not sufficient. From oiling your hair to using products rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C goes a long way in the maintenance of your skin.


Your winter diet can influence your skin in a great way. Eat food which contain omega3 and anti-oxidants. Try to use hot water for shower as less as possible because hot water makes your skin more dry and itchy. Going to an esthetician or dermatologist once in a while is beneficial.


The dietary sins you will indulge in during the Christmas and New Year season will have to compensated for. The truffle cupcakes and the mint macrons have a price after all. Gorging on those sweet delicacies and all that alcohol is bound to make you a few pounds heavier. Try to shed those kilos in any way that is preferable to you. Be it hitting the gym, doing Zumba, aerobics or even going for a walk daily.

Even if you become a couch potato, take some time out daily to engage in some physical activity. Don’t let all that wine make you sluggish!


The saying “Out of sight is out of mind” does not have a popular resonance without a reason. While you might have been tempted to sit near the heater in your bed room or in your car, excess usage of a heater is really harmful for your body. Heaters deprive you of moisture. Constantly switching it on and off is prone to make you fall ill.

Keep it on only for a short duration so as to reach a certain room temperature and use your blanket and body heat to keep you warm otherwise.


While this season may be all about getting your fashion foot forward, you need to be vigilant particularly when you leave for work in early foggy mornings. Boots and skirts may work as a perfect combination but make sure that you do not become the victim of this harsh cold weather. Keep yourself warm by wearing appropriate winter clothes.

Do not hesitate to wear leggings or stockings; they will only accentuate your appearance. Get ready to fight these winters in style 🙂

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