Make Global Sustainability Your New Year Resolution

Make Global Sustainability Your New Year Resolution

The year 2000 created an imaginative turmoil in people’s heads. The transitioning of a millennium was perceived as the metamorphosis of the world. The new years began with posters of living quarters occupying the aerial expanse in the Jetsons’ way and articles of a whole new whimsical era. The imaginative components of the human brain were suddenly activated with people thinking about aliens occupying the terrestrial habitats and cars flying high as airplanes. All unimagined things were thought of but one thing that the sapiens failed to reckon was this devastating state of the planet.

The recent incident of Delhi smog which left the world startled is an evidence of our failure as responsible inhabitants of the planet. Visibility has plummeted, a health emergency was declared, even the schools were shut down. The regional governments put up quite a show by squabbling amongst themselves, and with central government agencies. But the solutions still seems elusive. Also, the strange lack of outrage over government inaction is concerning. Delhi rose up in anger against rape in December 2012 or against corruption in August 2011, but the smog in 2017 failed to shudder the population. It’s symptomatic of India: clean air is not seen as a right, and the fact that we are a hopeless nation is an accepted fact.

The Delhi smog, therefore, is an exemplar to depict the deteriorating state of developing countries, affected by climate change impacts, largely caused by the historical carbon emissions of developed countries.

Doctors have long been telling their patients to leave the city. But, there is no place fit enough for survival. We have wrecked a havoc on this planet and it is time we realise the consequences of our actions and take the lead.

The world, as we breathe (the polluted air) is moving towards the brink of destruction with its habitants to be held responsible. With the extinction of nearly 20 animals and plenty of plant species in the 21st century, we are sure to leave no natural heritage behind for the next generation. The growing landfills and the increased use of plastic is ruining the only planet we have for our survival.

The focus on economic development has left the planet coveting fresh air. The tasks of integrating economic development, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability have majorly been local or regional, throughout most of history. In the 21st century, it is irrefutably global.

The crises of national and global security emanates from lack of sustainable development. The increasing frequency of natural disasters and the spiral pattern of energy and food requirements have already taken the world by storm. Global sustainability is an exigent issue.

The time for despair is lost, now is the time to resolve. It is absolutely imperative for each and everyone of us to be the people who CAN create real change in the world.

The changes need not be huge to make an impact, a baby step towards sustainably is enough. Here are a few ways to bring change, so that the world remains a happy place for the next to come.

1.  Carry your own shopping bags.

The most simple way to reduce ocean pollution is shopping with reusable bags. Around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the ocean and cause animal death every year.

This year, let’s resolve for the extinction of plastic bags not sea turtles or whales.

2. Avoid the use of straws

The resolution to order a drink without a straw could be a little tricky to remember but it is sure to be effective. Plastic straws look like innocent things that are unlikely to cause any harm but if the truth be told, they are the main culprits in polluting the beaches.

This year let’s resolve to save the beaches while sipping on the Margaritas without a straw.

3. Say no to packaged foods

Avoiding packaged foods has health benefits as well as environment benefits. While eating more vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts is sure to make your skin glow, buying them in reusable bags or containers would also help the planet glow.

This year let’s make the planet glow by being healthy.

4. Make DIYs your new hobby

This could be an adventurous new year resolution. You can start by making your own bread, butter or maybe a cleaning solutions. This one is sure to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping you excited. You would enjoy good quality stuff by reducing on your trash. How cool is that!

This year, let’s resolve to reduce the trash and not plants from the planet.


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