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Mirror Mirror on the Wall , Am I the Ugliest of Them All ?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall , Am I the Ugliest of Them All ?

“Boys think girls are like books, if the cover doesn’t catch their eye they wont bother to read what’s inside.” – Marilyn Monroe.

The Preset notion of beauty has always guided our narrow mind-sets and any girl who does not to fit this category will be someone who is dark, fat and short. This is what the society calls ugly, inappropriate and not desirable.

Yes, I am talking about the friend who lives next door to you whom you never asked out to chill with your “cool gang” just because she never made it to your list of cool people whom you want to hang out with. This is an eye opener for you that your judgements are not inclined in the right direction.  You assumed that she is not beautiful because of her dark complexion. Oh yes, I am referring to that girl whom you ridicule to be clumsy and not fit to be seen with no matter how sweet she is and how well she understands you, maybe much better than anyone else. Her physical appearance is all what matters to you and thats why you never even offered to have a meal with her thinking it will be detrimental to your social image.

But think about it, if looks were all that mattered then how is it possible that women who do not match such beauty standards are able to find their soulmates? Is it even right not to befriend or love a girl just because one doesn’t find her beautiful ? Why do girls become victims of judgements like “She can’t marry my son because she is not as fair as my son.” Or “I do not like her because she is fat “. Even the educated class of people sit back with the same thoughts and their shallow stubborn thinking is impossible to change.

Isn’t it very sad that we are a part of a society which filters a girl with a superficial set of eyes and defines beauty with just one quick glance ? We are living in a society which still judges every woman and does not hesitate to  stereotype her. Even today, we take time to like an actress who has a dusky complexion but would love to see another one with fair complexion.

An interesting example to quote would be Bharti, who is a comedian and performs on various shows on Indian Television. She is enough to prove that talent surpasses looks. Her talent to master the art of self deprecating humour  has made her one of the most likeable personalities on Indian Television.  She has been truly successful in spreading the message that looks are nothing to do with one’s inner beauty and every woman is beautiful and talented the way she is.

She does not need to starve herself or add more make up inorder to make herself look more glamorous and attractive. She shouldn’t be afraid to reveal her true self to the world.

So ladies, next time when someone rejects you or insults your talent just because you fail to match up to their beauty standards, tell them that the real beauty lies in making your inside as beautiful as your outside. Focus on being a better person rather than putting a temporary mask everyday.


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