What’s The Fuss Behind The Fun in Travel Business?

What’s The Fuss Behind The Fun in Travel Business?

Are you a person for whom ‘break’ means a weekend getaway to Ladakh or Darjeeling? You think you have it in you to monetise your craving for travel? Ms. Nidhi Batra, Co-founder and Director of Nirvana Excursions writes about her experience behind the seemingly fun Travel business and what are the prerequisites before setting your foot into it.

Being a mom of a 5 months old when I started following my passion was one of the toughest decisions I ever took. I was being torn between being a mom and a businesswoman who wanted to follow her dreams and I am glad I survived it. I managed to play both the roles decently enough and managed to give Nirvana Excursions a good kickstart.

One very vital reason I could do this was my Nirvana partner and my life partner, Viren Batra. Nirvana Excursions was a dream we saw together and we are driving it home together. From starting as a two-member team we are now a full-fledged travel company offering leisure and corporate travel solutions. Our dream of the company is way bigger and we are still in a nascent stage but our passion and the perfect blend that we are as a team we are able to take it ahead and will achieve our dream very soon.

Travel business is a labour intensive industry according to me. There is a constant need to be available on a call and on social media in today’s time when running a travel business.

Being socially active is also a very key factor for someone who is associated with the travel industry because your social and marketing skills will define the volume of business you attract.

Being on the marketing and sales side of the business I have had people call me and wanting to get in touch with me even late at night with a travel query and I believe in customer being the king so I have never shirked away a call or an enquiry just because it is a weekend or a late call at night. I am always available for anyone who wants Nirvana’s services.

As a mother this particular role sometimes becomes a tad difficult because there are days when guilt creeps in and I feel I am not doing justice to my role of being a mom and spending enough time with my child. But once a responsibility taken I believe in completing it to the tee. So yes there are days and peak months when I am tired of taking calls and answering queries because I am missing on quality mommy time but travel is my passion and I love talking and working out packages and itineraries so it’s all good.

The time that everyone else is on an off duty is when people tend to contact you for a travel enquiry since travel is a leisure activity for most and they prefer dealing with their free hours.

Whenever I do get a chance I take off with my family to make sure I give my son a piece of my travel bug and we head outdoors to get some me time. One thing a woman must keep in mind running a travel business is that you have to be available on weekends and odd hours.

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