Is India the Rape Capital Of the World ?

Is India the Rape Capital Of the World ?

Rape is defined as a form of forced sexual intercourse without permission. It may involve physical force or the threat of force. It may also be done against someone who is unable to give consent. Sexual intercourse may be vaginal, anal, or oral. It may involve the use of a body part or an object.

Most commonly, the rapist is a 25 to 44 year-old man who plans the attack. According to a research, Alcohol is involved in more than 1 in 3 rapes. Rapes are more common in places such as prisons, military settings and single-sex schools. Shockingly, More than half of the rapes occur in the victim’s home itself.

In India, violence against women is a massive problem. A rape story which was recently in light was when a 16-year-old from West Bengal was allegedly gang raped by three men on September 29 last year. Two of the three accused were caught by the police but they were eventually released on bail. The third accused continues to evade the police. Recently, the girl started receiving death threats from her perpetrators who were pursuing her to withdraw the police complaint against them. The parents of the survivor sent her to a relative’s house far away from the village as they are afraid that the accused might attack her.

Why do girls have to live under a constant threat? Why is the situation in our country such that a girl has to always live under perpetual stress of safety?

In India,the court has ruled that marital rape is not a crime.

This ruling states that if a man and a woman are married, separated or living apart, and if the man sexually assaults the woman, he is not committing a crime.

Furthermore, if a woman simply says “NO” to intercourse with her husband, and her husband forces himself on her, no crime has been committed. What kind of justice is this? The police in India is also not fair and just. When the 16-year old’s relatives visited the local police station to seek assistance,the officials refused to pay any heed to their demands and in fact advised them to withdraw the complaint in lieu of just Rs 1.5 lakh.

Is this expected out of our police officials? Are they not responsible for the safety of women in the country?

Such beliefs have existed in our society from time immemorial and the only way we can change this is not only by implementing stricter laws at a governmental level but also what is required is a collaborative effort from certain organisations so as to instil the much required awareness in the minds of the Indian men.


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