Powerful Postures : Yoga For Brides-To-Be

Your wedding month is here, feeling a lil tad bit north of frazzled? Girls on your wedding day, you surely would want to be feeling your best, and what better way to cultivate the eventual version of yourself than yoga! Well, who knew yoga could make you look better in your wedding photos? To begin with Yoga helps you fully tone up and help you wear your special attire with confidence.

Also beyond the physical advantages, yoga helps the brides calm down your busy mind and upcoming nuptial events. We must keep in mind, yoga has countless benefits what with the heart-opening poses, detoxing twists, and mind cleansing inversions, all of it play a vital role in a girl’s path to bridal happiness and calm, allowing her to soak up every moment of her big day.

It’s the most important time of your life around the corner, and you don’t exactly feel like the queen-to-be, we’ve got the perfect fix for you. From glowing radiant skin to a stress-busting weight loss routine, all you need is yourself and YOGA. Yoga practice and wedding planning should go hand in hand to help you prepare for this once in a lifetime event.

With regular practice, the digestive fire gets activated which improves metabolism and we begin to shed off the excess weight. Yoga also improves organ health, which other forms of physical activity don’t.

Yoga Expert and teacher Mansi Mahajan gives us a whole lot of informative inputs to look fit and fabulous on our D day. Mansi says, “There is a rule in Yoga that each muscle should move at least once a day. This brings our energy back into flow and releases blockages. Energy is like water. Water that stands still becomes impure and putrid. On the other hand, flowing water always remains pure. This is the reason we should always move the muscles of our abdomen and intestines daily.” Here is an asanas sequence which will help you to feel good, and look even better, working on various muscle sets and take as little as ten minutes to fit into your busy schedule:

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation: A combination of twelve asanas, this sequence is the most holistic type of exercise, involving the mind, body and breath.  Start with four rounds and build up to twelve and you will experience undeniable improvement in your posture, cardio-vascular capacity, better metabolism and most beneficially, a reduced rate of breath, which leads to a calmer, and more energized you.

Virbhadrasana or Warrior Pose I, II & III: These postures will fire your solar plexus, body’s energy center building stamina and endurance particularly in the legs, thighs, and ham-strings. This powerful asana stimulates and detoxifies the abdominal organs, helping to lose weight with regular practice.

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose is a great asana for melting fat in the abdominal region as well as helps to tone the upper body, including the back and arms. It is also a generous heart opener that helps to oxygenate your system, which as we know in turn helps burning fat.

The one thing that you cannot afford is behind the scenes stress reflecting on your face. The best way to get glowing, flawless skin naturally is by being in harmony with nature, hydrating generously, eating well and getting enough beauty sleep. It is important to use products that are made from a plant not in a plant, not just as a part of your diet but also your skin regime. There are some asanas that can assist in the process by improving blood circulation and helping flush out toxins naturally.

Eka Pada Sarvang asana or Single Leg Shoulder Stand is a great inverted pose reversing the effects of gravity, making it one of the best age-defying exercises. It enhances facial radiance and reduces wrinkles by sending blood to your brain, which nourishes your body and skin at the deepest level.

Camatkar Asana or The Wild Thing is an energizing asana that helps you root into the earth while offering your heart to the heavens. By helping to stretch the chest and throat it is very effective in creating space in the respiratory track and promoting that inner glow.  Repeat this pose on both the sides holding for 4- 8 breaths to get radiant beautiful skin.

Prasarita Pada Uttanasana or Wide Legged Forward Bend is a deep and intense forward bend that rushes the blood to the head and face naturally detoxifying the skin. It also helps regulate the nervous system making you feel much calmer.

Praanayama or breathing techniques are very beneficial in improving the quality of your life, and helping you nurture and preserve your sanctity. Agnisaror, Breath of Fire is an extremely powerful means of improving digestion, building immunity and creating heat in the body, which helps in burning toxins and reducing visceral fat in the abdominal organs. Like Thich Nhat Hanh says, “healing is every breath”, each mindful breath can have a profound effect on your system and the way you go about life.

Practicing the routine above is a sure fire way to feel invigorated body, mind and soul, and develop that equanimity that will help you ride the wave in this epic time in your life.”Yoga is not a workout, it is a work in”. This ancient tool can be used as a stepping-stone for higher possibilities, making you feel physically energized and making you more contained and collected at a deeper level.

Well, brides get set, feel empowered, confident and bring out the bridal glow in you!


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