These Countries are not Woman Friendly !!

These Countries are not Woman Friendly !!

In the 21st century, women are seen to be more confident and independent as compared to the previous times. One should know that in certain countries,  women are even not treated as normal human beings are even denied the basic human rights. The orthodox thinking process of the patriarchal society makes the life of  a woman worse.

Here are some countries which are so not Woman Friendly :


This country tops the list as the condition of women is the worst here. 87% girls are illiterate and forcefully married at an early age. Maternal mortality ratio is 400 in 100,000. High cases of sexual and domestic violence, rapes, health problems, economic discrimination is prevalent since independence. Women  have to take permission of their fathers or husbands before doing even the smallest of things.

In villages, women are treated as slaves. According to Afghan law, a man can divorce his wife without her consent but if a woman wants a divorce then she has to take the consent of her husband and the matter has to be decided in court. Though the Karzai Administration has relaxed policies for women and has given certain rights but in rural areas, there is no improvement with their condition.


26% women are illiterate as compared to 11% Iraqi men.  Girls are not allowed to continue their education beyond the Primary level . As a result, their rights  have been violated for the longest time and unfortunately, they are not even able to stand up for their rights due to lack of any education.  Also, Frequent wars has resulted in many married women turning into widows. These widows are outcasted, ignored and denied basic rights.


This African country, once accounted for the largest number of female genital mutilation cases, but recently it has been banned. Access to Maternal health care is limited in Congo so mortality rate is high. Moreover, women can’t use contraception without the permission of their husbands. Rapes and sexual violence is very common in Eastern Congo. There are some laws which clearly state that women are legally subservient to men. Women are not even allowed to open their personal bank accounts or have a job without their husband’s permission. In rural areas, women eat leftovers of their husbands because they are not considered worthy of having their own plates.


The so called world’s largest democracy is also a victim of gender inequality. Women are not allowed to own  parental property due to weak enforcement of laws protecting them and most of the laws of land and property rights discriminate against women. The Sex ratio is low, dowry is highly prevalent, domestic violence rate is high and killing of female foetuses are on an all time high  in rural areas.


Due to frequent terrorist attacks , women are not allowed to go to school and are married off early. About 82% women face domestic violence, honour killing , forced marriages, acid attacks and the worst punishment is being getting stoned rates  by the public.  Purdah system still prevails here and women have to wear a  burka at all times of the day. Here,  women are considered subordinate to men and their access to jobs, education and legal rights is very limited.

Lack of education and the narrow mindedness of the people in the society are the root causes of any and every problem which women are facing today. The government needs to have stringent rules in place and work intensively towards making their respective country, a safe haven for their women.


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